March 26, 2014

Weekly Finds : If the shoe Fits..

When you Large and/or wide feet, finding cool trendy shoes in your size is a sad unpredictable journey. Sample sizes not only exist in clothing, Shoes are also made with specific measurements. This is why its so hard to find a Size 10 that really fits like a 10, not like a 9.5. As absurd as it sounds there are girls out in the world that feel like its impossible to find girlie and cute shoes in large sizes, and end up wearing sneakers and old lady shoes everywhere . But not to worry, the wait for cool shoes in larger sizes has come to an end. Today, Many brands and online retailers have started to offer a wider range of stylish options in larger sizes. So inspired by my own life long quest for cool shoes in a size 10 / 10.5, we decided to dedicate our weekly finds to Footwear.

We went to one of my favorite retailers Torrid, they carry shoes from size eight to a size twelve, and most of their styles come in wide or medium with. The best part of Torrid is that they carry very cute product, that fits comfortably. We could not decide on only four to show you so, we decided to post our favorites from their spring collection.


Studded High-Top Sneaker

Leopard Slip-on Sneaker

These two styles are perfect for casual spring outfits. The all-white studded High-tops are great to pair with slinky flower print skater dress or with what we have named the LTJ (Leggings, T-shirt, and Jacket) combination. The Leopard print sip-ons give a cool pop to any outfit. I love to wear mine with a great pair of harem pants, its the perfect way to pull together an mix-match outfit.


Cutout Buckle Booties

Suede Buckle Booties
Stacked Heel Bootie
Stacked Heel Bootie
Our obsession with this of type bootie has been going on since Fall. You can be comfy and stylish at the same time, with any of these styles, without compromising the protection of your feet against the cold temperatures. Plus they are awesome transitional pieces to wear between seasons.

Buckle Leather Sandal
Buckle Leather Sandal

Strappy Espadrille Wedge Sandals

Cutout Slingback
Weather you like them strappy, with a platform, with a sling back, with a small heel, or with buckles, these styles are a must have for the Spring/Summer season.

Torrid is only one of many retailers that offer a broader size selection. Brands like, Steve Madden, Top Shop, Jeffrey CampbellMichael Kors and Aldo, are offering super cool product up to size 12. There are many more, so we suggest you search online and do not be afraid to ask about the items you see online and like.

Hope you have a great time shopping!!
Until next time!

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