March 31, 2014

Monday Mix : florals, leather & Rock-and-roll

Mix a flower with Leatherette black leggings and a ripped oversized muscle tank, for a Rocker chic look. Throw in classic aviator sunglasses, bow detail ballerinas and and a neon statement necklace, to make your outfit look girlie and ¨springy¨

March 26, 2014

Weekly Finds : If the shoe Fits..

When you Large and/or wide feet, finding cool trendy shoes in your size is a sad unpredictable journey. Sample sizes not only exist in clothing, Shoes are also made with specific measurements. This is why its so hard to find a Size 10 that really fits like a 10, not like a 9.5. As absurd as it sounds there are girls out in the world that feel like its impossible to find girlie and cute shoes in large sizes, and end up wearing sneakers and old lady shoes everywhere . But not to worry, the wait for cool shoes in larger sizes has come to an end. Today, Many brands and online retailers have started to offer a wider range of stylish options in larger sizes. So inspired by my own life long quest for cool shoes in a size 10 / 10.5, we decided to dedicate our weekly finds to Footwear.

We went to one of my favorite retailers Torrid, they carry shoes from size eight to a size twelve, and most of their styles come in wide or medium with. The best part of Torrid is that they carry very cute product, that fits comfortably. We could not decide on only four to show you so, we decided to post our favorites from their spring collection.


Studded High-Top Sneaker

Leopard Slip-on Sneaker

These two styles are perfect for casual spring outfits. The all-white studded High-tops are great to pair with slinky flower print skater dress or with what we have named the LTJ (Leggings, T-shirt, and Jacket) combination. The Leopard print sip-ons give a cool pop to any outfit. I love to wear mine with a great pair of harem pants, its the perfect way to pull together an mix-match outfit.


Cutout Buckle Booties

Suede Buckle Booties
Stacked Heel Bootie
Stacked Heel Bootie
Our obsession with this of type bootie has been going on since Fall. You can be comfy and stylish at the same time, with any of these styles, without compromising the protection of your feet against the cold temperatures. Plus they are awesome transitional pieces to wear between seasons.

Buckle Leather Sandal
Buckle Leather Sandal

Strappy Espadrille Wedge Sandals

Cutout Slingback
Weather you like them strappy, with a platform, with a sling back, with a small heel, or with buckles, these styles are a must have for the Spring/Summer season.

Torrid is only one of many retailers that offer a broader size selection. Brands like, Steve Madden, Top Shop, Jeffrey CampbellMichael Kors and Aldo, are offering super cool product up to size 12. There are many more, so we suggest you search online and do not be afraid to ask about the items you see online and like.

Hope you have a great time shopping!!
Until next time!

March 24, 2014

Monday Mix

Mix prints and metallic for a fresh spring look. Stripes and florals are two of our favorite prints to mix. If you fin it too difficult to color coordinate, two prints,  just focus on the accent colors. In this example we use yellow to tie everything in. When wearing a horizontal stripe, always look for pieces that accentuate the waist, this will pull in the focus to the smallest part of your body, and away from your problem areas. To add a little more spunk to the outfit, slap on some bright pink matte lip and royal blue nails. The bright matte lip gives you a fresh and clean pop, and the royal blue Nails are a very big trend for the hotter seasons. Last but not least, accessorize, accessorize, accessorize. The right accessories can make or break an outfit. For this example we chose retro inspired yellow gold bangles, earrings, watch and a pair of semi round sunnies.

We hope you have a blast trying and hunting for the perfect pieces to pull off this look. You know we always encourage you to have fun in the process. After all, fashion is supposed to be fun, even if you have lived your whole life thinking it is not. 

Team BB

March 19, 2014

Weekly Finds : Transition to Spring

Hello Beautiful Beast!!
This week we where feeling easy and breezy, so we decided to do this Week´s Finds on Transitional pieces, for spring. For this time of the year the easiest way to start walking away from the winter blues is to incorporate color into your wardrobe. You should also look for fun silhouettes that you can wear with layering pieces for what is left of winter and rock later when the cold is gone. So we went to one of our forever favorite go to places Old Navy, and found super cute and affordable Spring time dresses and layering pieces for you to see.

These are our picks for this week:

Lime Maxi Dress
This maxi dress is a great piece to transition from Spring to summer time, because of its color. Lime yellow is still very on trend this season and it looks awesome with an edgy black leather jacket or a basic denim Jacket.

Shirt Dress
Combining a Basic piece like a button down shirt dress, with a Printed layering piece, is the best way to bring a little spunk to a very basic piece. This military inspired jacket is also a must have piece for spring, it brings structure to the outfit, without it looking too serious.

Fit and Flare dresses are one of our top 5 favorite pieces EVER. This silhouette hides the most common problem areas and accentuates the waist, making you look more proportioned. 

Chambray Shirt Dress
Chambray is here to stay and everyone should have at least one Chambray piece in their closets. We loved this shirt dress because of it´s versatility, for the transitional days, where its not hot but its not freezing cold. You can add a pair of leggings under it and a leather jacket for the colder days and wear it with sandals and an orange lip for the warmer days.

So now its time for you to get started on your transitional wardrobe makeover. Always remember to try on things, and look for shapes that are flattering to your body type. We always encourage you to step out of your comfort zone, by adding pieces that you would´t normally wear. Weather it is wearing a bright lip color or a funky high heel, Fashion is supposed to be FUN not torture.

Stay tuned for more posts this week.
Until next time
Team BB

March 12, 2014

Weekly Finds : Menswear Edition

This week we wanted to go in a different direction, and decided to do a Weekly Finds for our Male Followers. Yes! we said Male Followers!

Since every time we do our research, we end up in the menswear department, Just because we love menswear, we decided to post some of our favorite finds from this past month.

Like we have said in our previous posts, These past seasons have been all about prints. This spring is no exception. You will find, leopard, Aztec inspired graphic, and ditsy flower prints on everything that is menswear related.

We loved so many pieces, so to narrow down our pics, this post will be all about Polos and Shirts. (Don´t worry, we will be posting more stuff for you guys soon.)
Here are some of our favorites From, Forever 21, and Pacsun :

Zig Zag Print Short sleeve Shirt

Clashing prints Long Sleeve

Panther Print Long Sleeve

Floral Print Short Sleeve

Lobster and Fries short sleeve

Tribal Print Polo

Tropical Print Shirt

Bandanna Print Polo

Floral Print Shirt

True Believers Shirt

If you are a little bit weary about changing your style, the best way to test out a trend like bold prints is to start adding pieces to your wardrobe. We advice, that you begin with pieces that have a great fit to your body type and focus on the color combinations the print has. As long as you Find flattering styles and colors, you do not have to worry about any stupid rule you have heard your mom or girlfriend talk about in the past.

Hope you enjoyed this weeks post!
Stay tuned for more on menswear info and posts.

Team BB

March 5, 2014

Weekly Finds

There are too many ridiculous myths out there involving prints and curvy ladies, that we would like to dissolve.  That's Right, you should not be scared of them and we suggest that you begin to remove that little voice in the back of your mind , saying : ¨You are too big to wear leopard.¨, or ¨You should not wear horizontal stripes, it makes you look wider.¨ The fact is that these rules are in some way obsolete and wrong. As long as you wear it in the right silhouette for your body, there is no problem with you wearing prints.

For this weeks Weekly finds we went directly to Online Retailer A Favorite of many Bloggers, they have a wide variety of trendy Plus size and straight size clothing, shoes and accessories. Our favorites for this weeks trend were:

Blue Flower Print Swing Dress

Mirror Jewel Print Dress

Border Flower Print Skater Dress

Leopard Print Swing Dress

We chose this three silhouettes because most of them are very forgiving and camouflage the problem areas for most body shapes. Since it is almost spring time we looked for fun and cute flower prints with dark or bright base colors, and our forever loved Leopard Print. You can get any of these for under fifty dollars, so the damage won´t be so bad, after all they are made of pretty good quality materials.

SO! until next time Beautiful Beasts. Stay tuned for this weeks other posts and remember thats we post our Weekly Finds every Wednesday.

Have a great Day!
Team BB