January 17, 2014

It was all about the hair

Hello Beasts!! We have been obsessed with undercuts for a while now, and finally found the time to explain to you the reason of our obsession.  

In 2006 I moved to Barcelona and as predicted discovered a whole new world, where men rolled up their denim shorts, wore skinny jeans with high top kicks and had a rockabilly Surfer/hippie chic attitude about them.
Photo from: Pimpammate.com

Coming from a Caribbean island, where Men have their own particular style, and most are very close minded about changing it,  It took me a while to get acquainted to the new aesthetics. I ended up falling deeply in lust with them. 

Photo from: Pimpammate.com

It wasn´t till I came back home that I realized how much of an impact my time in Barcelona had on my taste on men. Don´t get me wrong I still had a ¨thang¨ for the smooth talking, Drake lookalikes.

I could now appreciate the difference between The Metro sexual man, and a Man that simply had his own style, and Believe me this has changed the game.

A few years later, doing research for a menswear project, I came across a picture of Nick Wooster. At that time he was the Menswear director for a large High-end department store, and now is a Fashion icon and idol for many. His love for camouflage,suits, oxfords, and tattooed arms, have wooed the fashion world, making us fall deep and hard for this man. Even my straight male friends had great things to say about this man´s style and began to emulate it. 

After all this, I began to question what about this man had made my friends change their minds about fashion, and trade their horrendous boot cut jean for a slimmer fitting one? The answer was not very far, It was all about the Undercut hair style, Mr.Wooster, David Beckham, Ryan Gosling, George Clooney and many other manly men are rocking today. 

Just like it happens with us girls, as soon as you get a new haircut, you start to change your style to match your hair. This my Beautiful Beasts, is why we love the Undercut! It has changed the way men feel about fashion. There are so many versions of this haircut that they can get. From a really funky side shaved cut to the classic 1950´s business man style. It does not matter which they chose, once they decide to change their hair style, men just keep gaining confidence in their selves and developing their own style. They are no longer scared of going to a hair salon and get their cut done by a hair stylist.

To Know more about the history and the different types of undercuts, check out this link to ,The Haircut all men should have,  a great article on Undercuts by The Fashion Tag.

After all, there is nothing hotter than a man with great hair.

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