January 21, 2014

Summer is coming

One of the many perks of calling Puerto Rico our home base, is that here its summer every day. Because of this,  we are always looking for an excuse to throw on a ¨Fatkini¨, pack a little cooler with all sorts of delicious refreshing drinks and drive down to the nearest beach.
The sad part is that not many stores keep carrying beach wear for us curvy ladies through out the winter season. This is why we have to stock up, whenever we find things we like.

We were so happy to discover that two of our favorite Plus size retailers are already selling a small selection of cute affordable bathing suits in the middle of winter.

High waist bikinis from Forever 21+

Like we said in one of our posts form last year, the high waist Bikini is a great item to have in your closet, if you are looking for a little flirty, retro look. Weather you buy it in a solid color or buy them in different prints and mix the pieces up, there are many ways you can rock the infamous ¨fatkini¨. One awesome thing about rocking this look is that you show the smallest part of your tummy, so you can still feel sexy, without having to show too much skin.

For all of you that do not feel ready to go on the ¨Fatkini¨adventure, there are some one piece options that will make you look hot and feel that your precious body parts are secure. The best part about these is that they have built in control top panels that will work as a body shaper.
Halter Hot pink and black One piece suits from Torrid.
Strapless leopard print and red one piece suit Forever 21+.
Please remember that having the right support for your shape, has to be the number one priority when you are choosing your swimwear. Hopefully for the shyer girls out there, these tips will make you want to go ahead and show your curves this summer.

We advise to all that are in the need of a new suit, to act fast and get them, because they will sell out very very fast.

Have a wonderful time showing your curves to the world.


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