March 5, 2014

Weekly Finds

There are too many ridiculous myths out there involving prints and curvy ladies, that we would like to dissolve.  That's Right, you should not be scared of them and we suggest that you begin to remove that little voice in the back of your mind , saying : ¨You are too big to wear leopard.¨, or ¨You should not wear horizontal stripes, it makes you look wider.¨ The fact is that these rules are in some way obsolete and wrong. As long as you wear it in the right silhouette for your body, there is no problem with you wearing prints.

For this weeks Weekly finds we went directly to Online Retailer A Favorite of many Bloggers, they have a wide variety of trendy Plus size and straight size clothing, shoes and accessories. Our favorites for this weeks trend were:

Blue Flower Print Swing Dress

Mirror Jewel Print Dress

Border Flower Print Skater Dress

Leopard Print Swing Dress

We chose this three silhouettes because most of them are very forgiving and camouflage the problem areas for most body shapes. Since it is almost spring time we looked for fun and cute flower prints with dark or bright base colors, and our forever loved Leopard Print. You can get any of these for under fifty dollars, so the damage won´t be so bad, after all they are made of pretty good quality materials.

SO! until next time Beautiful Beasts. Stay tuned for this weeks other posts and remember thats we post our Weekly Finds every Wednesday.

Have a great Day!
Team BB

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