March 12, 2014

Weekly Finds : Menswear Edition

This week we wanted to go in a different direction, and decided to do a Weekly Finds for our Male Followers. Yes! we said Male Followers!

Since every time we do our research, we end up in the menswear department, Just because we love menswear, we decided to post some of our favorite finds from this past month.

Like we have said in our previous posts, These past seasons have been all about prints. This spring is no exception. You will find, leopard, Aztec inspired graphic, and ditsy flower prints on everything that is menswear related.

We loved so many pieces, so to narrow down our pics, this post will be all about Polos and Shirts. (Don´t worry, we will be posting more stuff for you guys soon.)
Here are some of our favorites From, Forever 21, and Pacsun :

Zig Zag Print Short sleeve Shirt

Clashing prints Long Sleeve

Panther Print Long Sleeve

Floral Print Short Sleeve

Lobster and Fries short sleeve

Tribal Print Polo

Tropical Print Shirt

Bandanna Print Polo

Floral Print Shirt

True Believers Shirt

If you are a little bit weary about changing your style, the best way to test out a trend like bold prints is to start adding pieces to your wardrobe. We advice, that you begin with pieces that have a great fit to your body type and focus on the color combinations the print has. As long as you Find flattering styles and colors, you do not have to worry about any stupid rule you have heard your mom or girlfriend talk about in the past.

Hope you enjoyed this weeks post!
Stay tuned for more on menswear info and posts.

Team BB

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