February 11, 2014

Don´t hate it, Style it

In the past few months, I have been frequently asked. Why I usually wear my hair up?,  How do I get my hair to look so cute? and even, Where do I find the info for the DIY fancy looking hairdo I have been wearing?  So here is my answer, this is the story behind my YouTube tutorial addiction.

Anyone can say whatever they want about getting radical hair make overs. For me it is the best way to get rid of bad vibes, that in some way make you feel heavy and sad. This is why I tend to do something crazy every other year, or maybe twice a year, depending on how many bad situations I have been in, or how badly I need change.

A few years ago I came across a blog post on postmodernrunway.com, it was titled 50 most stylish Newyorkers. It featured known and unknown bloggers, artist, stylists, models and creative directors, that worked in New York City. This is when I first saw a picture of Jenné Lombardo. I had no idea who she was, all I knew right then and there was that she was my new fashion idol.

Jenné Lombardo / 

I shared my discovery with every one I knew, because I really wanted to get that hair style, but did not have the balls to do it. Until one day I fell victim of my own erratic behavior, and after going through bad emotionally draining episode, of its not you its me, I ran to my hairdresser and demanded him to give me what I thought was THE BEST HAIRCUT EVER, at that time.

I rocked it for almost a year, until Rhianna was photographed rocking it and consequently every single Fashion victim in Puerto Rico and the world, started asking for it at the hair salon.

I immediately started growing it out, but rapidly understood that I had to do something with my hair, because it was looking ratty and i was having a very hard time styling it.  I had rocked the pixie, when I was 15 and I loved it then, so I decided to chop my hair and getting one again.

And, Why is this relevant to what we wanted to show you guys today? Well, this is the reason behind why I began researching new ways to style my hair. I just needed some help avoiding a whole new I need to change may hair again rampage. 

So once I had grown my hair down to a short bob, I began experimenting with Buns and braids.
With this said My Top go-to styles up to now are :

The messy Bun and The Sleek Ballerina Bun

Both versions of this style, are great for the days you want to look a little funky and fresh. It is a great go to for both day and night and there are many more versions of it to experiment. Weather you have long or short hair it will look awesome paired with a burgundy lipstick, and a graphic cat eye makeup.

The Milk Maid and Dutch Braid

Braids are always awesome if you want to go for a boho-Chic look. They are the perfect remedy for untamable hair days and give you a soft, girlie vibe. You can rock them with a maxi dress or to add some soft femininity to an all black ensemble.

YouTube Tutorials have been my saving Grace throughout this process. Don´t be afraid to experiment with this styles. Weather you have short or long hair, all  you only need a few tools, like small hair ties, booby pins, a comb, a sock bun, or a tube sock to make a sock bun, and hairspray.

To begin your journey you just have to log in to your You Tube page and type into the search bar, there are many cool tutorials out there waiting to be discovered.

Until Next Time My Beautiful Beast


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